Maypole Braiders

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 Low Bobbin Detection for Maypole Braiding Machines


Yield Management Corporation introduces a NEW detection system for Maypole style braiding machines. The detector reduces material scrap by up to 50% and increase productivity by up to 20%. The detection system further reduces product defects and finished goods scrap caused by jacketing defects.


Low Bobbin Detector on Maypole Braiding Machine



Products Benefits:

  • Stops the machine when the bobbin core is exposed
  • Reduce cable defects
  • Reduces material waste by 50%
  • Positions the empty bobbin to the front of the machine





Product Features:

  • Compact operator interface (53x120x170 mm)
  • Low voltage DC power
  • Universal supply voltage (100-240VAC 50/60 Hz)
  • Bobbin empty indicators