Variable PIC Drive

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Electronic Gearing for Braiding Machines Eliminate Change Gears

Digital PIC control and Variable PIC drive conversion. Applications include: Data Cable, Medical Devices and Composite Braiding.

Maypole, Lever Arm and Rotary Braiders

Braid density can be constant or varied over a set length to alter product properties such as stiffness and resonance.

ppi length

Wardwell 16 carrier braider



Variable pic screen


User Inputs:

  • Production Preset—stops the machine when the preset is reached.
  • Cable Diameter—compensates length measurement for changes in cable diameter.
  • Minimum and maximum PPI (set too the same value for constant PPI)
  • Transition length



  • Numerical production in feet or meters
  • Actual PPI
  • Stop history histogram


stop history histogram