Vertical Braiders


Yield Management Corporation introduces a new innovative design for fine wire braiding. The new braider head design uses driven wire guides rather than deflectors. This new innovation offers the benefits of expensive lever arm machines with the economy of deflector type machines. This New wire braider will reliably braid fine wire with Reduced Capital Investment. This new technology has been proven to reduce the time to market and fill special custom orders much quicker and reliably. Shown is the 16 carrier design, a 24 carrier design is also available.




Increase Productivity

  • Deflector-less braiding machine operates up to 180 RPM
  • Braid 4 ends 44 gauge at 80 - 100 RPM, 5 ends of 44 gauge 100 - 125 RPM
  • New cam driven wire guide maintains wire position and eliminates wire breaks caused by deflector friction and wire spreading



Reduce Capital Investment

  • Reliably braid fine wire with reduced capital investment
  • Uses standard Wardwell style bobbins
  • Reduce Time-To-Market
  • Fill special orders faster
  • High speed braiding reduces WIP inventory and improves customer response


Max core diameter: 0.55 inches (14 mm)

Pitch: By change gears

Main drive: 2 Hp with variable frequency contro

Reel size: 32” Dia. X 24” width (800 x 600 mm)

Power: 208 - 480 VAC 50/60 Hz,  3 phase


Standard equipment:

  • Broken end &  core run-out detectors
  • Tape applicator & keel lubricator
  • Low Bobbin detector


Optional equipment:

  • Magnetic take up tension control