Wire Break Detector

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Designed for Buncher wire payoffs. This system actively verifies the correct number of spools are turning while the buncher is running.


Product Features:

  • Designed for any number of spools
  • HMI Touchscreen indicated what spools
    are turning and which wire has
    broken by spool position
  • Fail-safe design
  • Installation service by YMC comes with
    100% money back guarantee



Operations screen displays spool status by location

  • Customized to suit each application
  • Operators enter the "expected" number of wires
    and start the machine.
  • The YMC software immediately determines which
    spools are turning and compares the number with
    the operator input.
  • Broken wires are detected in fractions of a second
    making repairs possible and preserving the
    finished cable length.


Custom graphing fit to your application

Simple to operate  - The operator enters the number of wires expected and the system does the rest.  When the buncher starts, the system determines how many spools are turning and continues to monitor their rotation while the buncher is running.