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Convert Your Wardwell Braider to a High Speed Serving Machine.


Ratchet-less bobbin carriers pay out with constant tension allowing machine speeds of 200 RPM. Bobbin carriers hold spools up to 15 cubic inches of material for longer runs and more efficient operations.



Increase Productivity

  • The converted Wardwell braiding machine operates up to 200 RPM. 5 pounds maximum spool capacity results in longer run time and fewer spool changes.
  • Reduce Material Cost
  • Large spool capacity allows for longer continuous lengths reducing the number of splices and short lengths.
  • Reduce Machine Maintenance Cost
  • By removing upper carriers, driving bars and brake ring, the converted machine eliminates the most common and costly wear parts


 Wardwell Serving Machine Conversion Operator Control Panel


Operators Control

  • Start, Stop, Jog and Run push buttons.
  • 10-100% speed potentiometer
  • RPM display and production counter
  • Low Bobbin and Broken End Detector


Wardwell Serving Machine Conversion Low Bobbin Detection Bracket


Low Bobbin and Broken End Detector Assembly

Stops the machine when the bobbin core is exposed before the bobbin run completely empty. This system reduces defects and increases efficiency. Built in broken end detection stops the machine within one revolution after a broken end contacts the detector


Wardwell Serving Machine Conversion VFD Panel 


Variable Frequency Drive

Allows for smooth starts with programmable acceleration time. Dynamic braking accelerates stopping and reduces defects